Pittsburgh Is Building a Tech-Focused Government

by Juliet Van Wagenen, StateTech

The city’s leaders have embraced innovation from several angles, driving growth with a focus on new technology.

Pittsburgh was once known as the capital of the U.S. steel industry but is forging a new identity. In response to increasing automation, the western Pennsylvania city has evolved to embrace technology and has emerged as a leader in innovation.

In 1983, unemployment in Pittsburgh reached more than 17 percent with the fallout of closing steel mills. But a report commissioned in 1990 moved the city to push development in five areas: finance, energy, IT, manufacturing and healthcare, according to a recent National League of Cities report.

As a result, the city has seen major growth centered around many high-tech initiatives and is now home to major technology companies — Google, Apple, Bosch, Uber, Facebook, Nokia and IBM, among others — that generate $20.7 billion in annual payrolls.

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