Pittsburgh will buy ‘smart’ garbage cans that signal when they’re full

by BOB BAUDER, Trib Live

Pittsburgh would have “smart” garbage cans under a $580,000 proposal its public works director is pitching to City Council.

Director Mike Gable wants to buy 400 to 500 cans that feature sensors to gauge garbage volume and send a wireless signal when they’re full.

He estimates the cost for the cans and computer equipment at $580,000, but said the smart cans would greatly cut down on hours public works crews spend checking cans to see if they’re full. The city has about 1,200 cans situated in public places.

“That’s something we do every single day,” Gable said. “We spend around 100,000 hours a year emptying rubbish cans. That in a nutshell is 50 employees. We’re estimating we’re going to be able to reduce our activity there by 30 to 50 percent.”

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