Will America’s Steel City Build the First Grid of Microgrids?

by , Microgrid Knowledge

To many, the idea of creating a grid of microgrids is somewhere out in the future. Even a pipe dream. But for Pittsburgh, it’s now.

The city is pursuing an aggressive plan to lead on energy, which includes developing a series of connected local energy systems.

“The idea of having an energy plant that is 100 miles away producing energy to make your toast would be left in the 19th century, where it was started,” said Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto.

Peduto was among panelists last week who presented Pittsburgh’s strategy in a webinar hosted by Harvard Business Review (HBR), Siemens and 100 Resilience Cities.

Such talk is somewhat daring. Microgrids themselves are nascent, never mind a network of them that uses automated software so that they can trade energy among each other.

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