MetroLab Network

What is the MetroLab Network?

The MetroLab Network includes 34 cities, 3 counties, and 44 universities, organized in more than 30 regional city-university partnerships. Partners focus on research, development, and deployment (RD&D) projects that offer technological and analytically-based solutions to challenges facing urban areas. These areas include, inequality in income,health, mobility, security and opportunity; aging infrastructure; and environmental sustainability and resiliency.

Individually, city-university RD&D partnerships are beneficial and help drive innovative approaches in government, but when networked together, they present an opportunity to scale effective solutions, accelerate best practices, and advance the understanding of urban science.

How is Carnegie Mellon Involved?

As a founding members of the Network, Carnegie Mellon memorialized their commitment in a letter to President Obama. As members of the Network, Carnegie Mellon and it’s partner local government, the City of Pittsburgh have shared three research projects with the Network. These projects are highlighted on the MetroLab Network website.  Through Metro21, Carnegie Mellon participates in strategic visioning for the future of the network and for the future of our urban areas.